50 Resources for Architects in 2019

There’s a lot of information out there. 90% of the data in the world was created in just the last two years! So how do you sift through all this information to research your next essay, stay up to date with industry news, work more efficiently, or look up a detail for a mysterious term you heard in the office.

Start here! This list covers 50 resources that I personally recommend to get yourself off to a cracking start as a young architect in 2019.


These are high quality resources that you can use for academic research, as well as general interest.

1.  Arts and Architecture - A&A was a magazine focused on single-family dwellings in the Post-war period in the U.S.A.  This website features selected projects from issues of the magazine from 1945 through 1967. 

2. JSTOR - Search for digitised back issues of academic journals, including many excellent architecture publications. (You can usually access these for free through your academic library institution.) 

3. US Modernist - An educational archive for the documentation, preservation, and promotion of residential Modernist architecture.  They are the largest open digital archive in America for 20th-century Modernist residential design. 

4. Archigram Archival Project - Makes the work of the seminal architectural group Archigram available online for public viewing and academic study, for free.  View online copies of their seminal magazine, or browse the catalogue of Archigram projects.


Most print magazines provide a lot of useful content for free on their website to stay competitive with resources that are purely online and free. It’s a great way to try before you buy. Here we cover a  mix of our favourite print and online-only regular publications.

5. Architecture Australia - The journal of the Australian Institute of Architects (and free with membership), covering Australian architecture news and projects, written for architects.

6. Renew (Sanctuary and Renew Magazines) - Renew is a national, not-for-profit organisation that inspires, enables and advocates for people to live sustainably in their homes and communities. They publish Sanctuary Magazine and Renew Magazine.

7.  Green Magazine - An Australian publication focusing on inspirational stories on sustainable design featuring local and international houses, gardens and profiles. Written for the general public. 

8.  Lunchbox Architect - Delivers a daily project and bite-sized story to your inbox. Great for residential project inspiration.

9. The Cool Hunter - Offers a frequently updated feed of inspiring design projects from across the globe, across several formats and social media platforms.

10. Architecture AU - Australian Architecture news of the day, exclusive commentary from leading writers, practitioners, academics and critics, and an ever-expanding archive of realised work.  (Content drawn from Architecture Australia, Artichoke and Houses magazines.)


You can’t excel from research alone - networking, events, and communities provided by industry institutions and groups are essential resources for your growth as an architect.

11. The Australian Institute of Architects - The Australian Institute of Architects is the peak body for the architectural profession in Australia, representing 11,000 members.  Attend events, access resources, and get involved in your local industry. The student specific arm is called SONA (Student Organised Network for Architecture). The graduate arm is called EmAGN (Emerging Architects and Graduates Network.)

12. Parlour - women, equity, architecture - A research based advocacy organisation working to improve gender equity in architecture and the built environment professions. Access advice, events and the Parlour Guides to Equitable Practice.

13. The National Association of Women in Construction - With the goal of championing and empowering women in construction, NAWIC provides a forum for its members to meet and exchange information, ideas and solutions. 

14. FutureNet - (By Consult Australia) networking events for built environment young professionals. Great for networking with ambitious young professionals outside of architecture.


While a physical network or local community is an essential thing to have, they may not always deliver the goods when you’re looking to answer a question or up-skill your talents. These three resources are not commonly stumbled upon by young architects, but are well worth checking out.

15. YourHome.gov - A resource by the Australian Government on building a renovating homes with a focus on energy efficiency and affordability.

16. Skill Share - Thousands of affordable or free online courses including things like Photoshop skills, sketching, business knowledge, etc.

17. My Efficient Electric Home Facebook Group - A leading source of information and discussion about improving the energy performance of Australian homes, moderated by highly respected Australian experts.


There are some very specific tools and resources available online, produced by authoritative bodies. These seven tools are ones you’ll want to bookmark on your work computer.

18. Tankulator - Rainwater harvesting and storage calculator.

19. Gaisma - Sun angle diagrams for any location around the world.

20. Sunulator - Solar feasibility calculator.

21. Brick Course Chart - Dimensions for length, height and openings of brick runs.

22. National Construction Code - The minimum necessary requirements for safety and health; amenity and accessibility, and sustainability in the design, construction, performance and livability of new buildings (and new building work in existing buildings) throughout Australia. 

23. Livable Housing Design Guidelines - Guidelines for designing homes that are easier to access, navigate and live in, as well more cost effective to adapt when life’s circumstances change. 

24. Acumen - While Acumen is only available to AIA members (see #11) it’s a significant resource worth a mention in it’s own right. Acumen is a robust resource of notes on the Practice of Architecture.


A list of recommended books would be a lengthy piece in itself, however these are four key technical reference books that I personally own and recommend. (The following are affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase the book, we receive a small commission.)

25. Building Your Own Home by George Wilkie - An easy to understand and comprehensively illustrated introduction to the construction of houses in Australia.

26. Architect + Entrepreneur by Eric Reinholdt - Inspiring ideas and business processes for entrepreneurial architects and examples of alternate forms of income.

27. Metric Handbook Planning and Design Data by Taylor and Francis Ltd. - An extensive reference for planning and design data covering all the major building types.

28. Encyclopaedia of Detail in Contemporary Residential Architecture by Laurence King - 700 beautifully presented and catalogued details from 100 prominent contemporary houses.


These local architects publish a wide array of valuable content related to their various businesses.

29. Panfilo Blog by Mihaly Slocome - A rich and easy-to-read blog on the culture, practice and business of architecture.

30. Assemble Papers by Assemble - An online publication exploring small footprint living across art, design, architecture, urbanism, the environment & finance. 

31. Red + Black Architect Blog - A collection of writing, interviews and reviews about the built environment in Victoria, Australia.

32. Health Habitat - An Australian company with the goal of improving the health of disadvantaged people, particularly children, by improving their housing and the condition of the living environment. The share some great resources on ways to achieve this. 

33. Undercover Architect Blog by Amelia Lee - Intended as a design and construction resource for the general public, the content provides a great introduction to the industry for young architects.

34. My First Architecture Job - (I couldn’t leave us off!) Helping architecture students and graduates bridge study and practice, and kick-start the first five years of their career.

35. Light House Architecture and Science Journal - Director and building scientist Jenny Edwards publishes research and advice on energy efficient construction in cool climate areas of Australia.


Internationally, the following blogs are a combination of personal favourites and hugely popular resources.

36. 30x40 Design Workshop - Eric Reinholdt shares beautifully curated videos and blog posts about the practice of architecture and insight into his own processes and skills.

37. Time Management for Architecture Students - Free book and cheat sheet on time management specifically for architecture students.

38. Interactive Architecture Lab - An intriguing blog on the behaviour and interaction of things, environments and their inhabitants by a multi-disciplinary research group and the Masters Programme at the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London.

39. Inhabitat - A broad online green design and lifestyle site that provides coverage of environmental news and the latest in sustainable design.  

40. Architecture Lab - A broadly themed online magazine delivering general art, architecture and design news, advice, and projects.

41. Archinect - Collects new ideas and connects designers from around the world. They produce a newsletter, and list architecture schools, competitions, and positions vacant from around the world.


In 5 years time I expect this section to be bigger, but for now, these are the only two apps I’m willing to recommend specifically for architects.

42. Sunseeker App - A comprehensive solar tracking and compass app specific to your location.

43. Autodesk 360 - View CAD files, share, comment and markup designs on the go.


It seems we live in the age of podcasts and I’m a big fan of them for their ability to educate and inform while we’re travelling, exercising, or sketching. The follow are mostly personal favourites that I strongly recommend, with a few very popular additions that I’m yet to fully enjoy.

44. Entre Architect - Inspiring your success in business, leadership and life as a small firm Entrepreneur Architect.

45. Supercast - A podcast collaboration by Assemble Papers and RMIT Design Hub, Supercast explores a sensory, embodied experience of the built and unbuilt environment.  

46. Undercover Architect - While also listed in the blog section, it’s worth noting the UA podcast in it’s own right.  Intended as a design and construction resource for the general public, the content provides a great introduction to the industry for young architects.

47.  99% Invisible - Dynamic short podcasts each telling a design and architecture themed story.

48. The Side Hustle Show - How to make money in your spare time and innovative forms of income.

49. The Business of Architecture - Weekly interviews with architects discussing architecture practice and business models.

50. About Buildings and Cities - A podcast about architecture, buildings and cities, from the distant past to the present day.

The exponential rate at which information is being published on the internet is both exciting and terrifying - on one hand there is more value to be found, on the other, the valuable bits are harder to find. This list is my top 50 places for young architects to find value in 2019, and I’d love to heard from you with you suggested additions to the list at sarah@myfirstarchitecturejob.com.


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