Group Mentoring

Group Mentoring


If you have a couple of friends in a similar situation or career stage then you can save money by doing a group mentoring session. About 30% of the information in a mentoring session is likely to be directly relevant to all of you, and you are also likely to come across a wider range of solutions and tactics by listening to your friend’s situation and advice as well.

I’ve mentored several students and graduate architects towards getting their first job, dealing with tricky situations at work, making a career plan, and becoming registered.

I thoroughly enjoyed my mentor meetings with Sarah, she has a very personable and approachable nature and provided me with constructive feedback and guidance. 

Being that Sarah is a young practicing architect she was easy to relate to and shared real world examples around all aspects of the architectural industry including practice life, architectural registration, technical advice and professional development.” - James, mentee for 12 months.

We’ll assess your current situation, brainstorm and fine-tune your goals, make a plan to get there, and ensure you’re supported along the way.

The price is based on a 60 minute session with three participants, either face-to-face in Canberra, or over Skype, with providing any follow up resources and being available to answer the odd question during the month. This can either be a ‘one-off’ career planning session or an ongoing relationship.

“The MFAJ tutoring session gave me a clear insight into what firms are looking for from applicants and how to make a good first impression. It made the daunting task of approaching a firm seem not only doable, but easy. Of course that's not to say there isn't a lot of hard work to go into the preparation but I now knew what I was working towards.” - Lachie, mentoring session prize winner.

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