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You could be the top of your design studio class and still feel quite daunted by the prospect of finding, and starting, your first architecture job - right? We’re here to help bridge the gap between university and practice by providing knowledge, resources and connections to help you find employment, learn the basics of architecture practice, and fast-track the first five years of your career.


We know because we’ve been there.

Sarah Lebner is a young Canberra architect who became registered at 26, and the Lead Architect at multidisciplinary firm Light House Architecture and Science by the age of 28. She's now 30 and has been shortlisted for international design competition (Capithetical), tutored undergraduate and post-graduate architecture students in design, practice, and sustainable technology at the University of Canberra, consults on the Design Advisory Panel for Canberra Metro, and has participated in volunteer construction programs in Kenya and the Solomon Islands. My First Architecture Job is Sarah's latest project, allowing her to bring her mentoring skills and energy for helping students kick-start their career to a wider audience.

“Most architects hit the industry and never look back. They quickly forget how hard it is for students and graduates starting out. It’s such a steep learning curve and no one is offering any broad solutions to help them. There’s almost a ‘right of passage’ attitude. I don’t think it needs to be like that. I want to be the mentor I wish I’d had a young aspiring architect and help students become confident young practicing architects quicker.” - Sarah

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