Job Interview Preparation Workbook

Job Interview Preparation Workbook


Following on from our free ‘Job Seeker Workbook’, this booklet focuses on what to do once you get your first architecture job interview.

After completing this booklet you will:

  • Have prepared answers to 15 common architecture interview questions.

  • Understand necessary background information about the architecture firm you are visiting.

  • Know your personal strengths and weaknesses and how you can talk about these in a way that promotes your suitability for the position.

  • Be able to improve your body language in an interview situation.

  • Have return questions planned for your interviewers.

  • Cover all logistical preparation elements to help the day run smoothly.

  • Be confident in following up the position and seeking feedback.

The booklet is specifically written for Australian architecture students and graduates, but is likely still very useful for young architects from other countries.

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