Speaking and Workshops

Speaking and Workshops


High Schools and Colleges

Topics and variations:

  • What does an architect do?

  • Women in construction.

  • Energy efficient homes.

I have delivered presentations along these lines to:

  • 200+ students at Merici Girls School in Canberra.

  • 30 students at a school holiday STEM innovation program, including interactive challenge after presentation.

  • Have assisted with primary school school holiday ‘design your dream home’ workshops through the University of Canberra.

Universities and Student Architecture Societies:

Topics include:

  • Unconventional practice of architecture

  • Energy efficient housing

  • Get hired workshop

I have delivered presentations along these lines to:

  • SONA University of Canberra groups

  • Masters of Architecture ‘Practice’ students

  • Masters of Architecture ‘Sustainable Technology’ students

Public Workshops

  • Energy efficient housing (10 Principals for Energy Efficient Housing in a Cool Climate)

  • What does an architect do?

  • Smaller Smarter housing

I have delivered presentations and assisted in workshops along these lines through:

  • Solar House and Sustainable House day events

  • Assisting POD Cairns with their ‘Least House Necessary Workshop’ as part of Design Canberra

  • 7 years experience working with individual residential projects


Student groups and community organisations: No charge, I only ask that you cover the cost of any necessary transport, accommodation and meals (but they don’t need to be fancy!)

Institutions: Costs covered, as above, +$0-$90/hour on application.

Universities and For Profit organisations and Institutions: $90/hour + $20/travel hour + accommodation/transport/meals.

Note: completing this order form is only an expression of interest to instigate a conversation about what might be possible and negotiate the details.

For a sample of me speaking, please see this short documentary I was involved in below - our project is at the 18 minute mark.

Or, listen to my guest appearance on this episode of the Undercover Architect podcast.

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